About Us

A Family Run Business Established in 1964

Wynne Davies Estate Agents was established back in 1964 as a family run business and has established itself as a trusted, professional, and ethical company offering a residential Sales, Residential Lettings service along with Commercial renting and selling in and around the Conwy county and surrounding areas.

Property Sales Valuations

The most important thing about selling a property is the valuation, get that wrong and it could cost you thousands of pounds. Wynne Davies Estate Agents are renowned for its accurate valuations to give you that extra peace of mind knowing that we will not under any circumstances over value your property just to win your business.

Rental Valuation

The rental market has always been buoyant but its more so now that ever before and we can’t get enough properties to satisfy the current demand. In recent years the rental market has seen a radical change in legislation and regulation right across the UK and its difficult to keep up with the current laws affecting tenants and landlords that it why it’s important to get the right advice regarding renting any type of property.

Get it wrong and you could end up with a hefty fine or imprisonment. We are more than happy to advise landlords in the laws surrounding the preparation of renting a property or taking the Hassle away by managing the property on your behalf.

You will be surprised how competitive our prices are. See Landlord Pricing.

Valuing Your Business

Valuing a business is a specialist field and we at Wynn Davies have the commercial experience to value any business. Whether you want to sell a sandwich bar, café, hotel, guest house workshop or a construction company we can help.

Renting Commercial Premises

Finding the right commercial tenant is more important now than ever before. The high street has taken a tumble over the last few years but it’s not all bad news. Advertising the premises at the right rental market value, offering your tenant an incentive and manging the referencing of the new tenant is very important.

Block Management

Block management is serious business and requires a local agent with knowledge and the ability to visit the premises to ensure that the building is safe, clean and complies with all the health and safety legislation surrounding block management. We also ensure that landlords get value for money surrounding the service charges and ensuring the maintenance is completed on time and on budget.