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Tenants: The details supplied here will be checked using recognised credit reference agencies for tenancy selection purposes. This process will in no way affect a prospective tenant’s record or ability to obtain credit in the future and all information obtained will be kept secure and confidential in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act and international privacy laws.

Tenants can obtain copies of their own credit records by application to the main credit reference agencies. To avoid delays tenants should provide full contact details and get prior consent from referees and guarantors (if applicable) – at least 2 referees will be required for Comprehensive Check. Tenants should be aware that defaulting on their tenancy obligations could mean that information is sought or released (per s35 DPA 1998) including Housing Benefits enquiries, if required by the courts or those authorised and could affect any future applications for tenancies, finance or insurance.

Landlords / Agents: Guarantors should be checked and referenced separately and landlords/agents should ensure that guarantors have seen and approved the tenancy agreement and signed a guarantor agreement prior to the tenancy.
Any deposit monies taken by the landlord or agent must be protected (Housing Act 2004) and the tenant must be notified by a (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) statutory notice within 14 days.

Landlords and Agents MUST keep and securely store a signed copy of this form in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 as evidence that the tenant has authorised credit checks.